Free Access to Admin & Support Staff

Did you know that your admin staff can help manage all of your company's listings from one login? They'll have access to everything you do, allowing them to oversee inventory for everyone in the office and free up brokers' valuable time for what matters most. 

Your admin and support staff can:

  • Manage, update and control the accuracy and timeliness for all For Sale and For Lease listing inventory.
  • Upload all brochures, site plans, flyers, virtual tours, and default property photos directly into the platform.
  • Create a transaction log of deals completed by your firm. Hold comps and deal points proprietary.
  • Print out your firm's inventory reports for review and documentation.
  • Run property searches and download/print reports on any listing.
  • Distribute email and marketing communications for subscribing brokers.

Contact Lauren Simonetti for free admin accounts for your support staff!