SiteIndex subscription is available to CRCBR REALTOR® and CBC Broker members. This robust commercial listing system offers a database of sale/lease availabilities and comps with a suite of powerful tools. Key system functions include access to building inventory, searching sale and lease availabilities and comps, sending broadcast email, posting needs/wants, viewing tenant rosters, generating detail reports, and more. Learn more about the tools and features SiteIndex has to offer here. 


SiteIndex Bylaws
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  • Subscription Costs: $87 per month, per subscriber, paid annually; admins may subscribe at no cost to help brokers manage their listings
  • Subscription Guidelines: All broker members in a firm must enroll in the system.
  • Business Subscription: Companies with 15 or more brokers will receive a discounted rate on subscriptions. The first 15 brokers pay $87 per month ($1,044 annually) and each broker after that pays $72 per month ($864 annually). They are not required to have all broker members enroll, as long as they maintain at least 15 brokers. The subscription is owned by the firm, so if someone leaves, the firm may transfer the subscription to a different broker.


Showcase your listings on your firm’s website. Plug in the Catylist search engine with a single line of code or use the API to pull your lists in real-time.

Features include:


The annual fee is based on the firm size/number of subscribers.

  • 1-4 Broker Firm – $925 per year
  • 5-9 Broker Firm – $1,250 per year
  • 10+ Broker Firm – $1,750 per year
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